Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How the Recruitment Industry is Changing

Over the years the scenario of the recruitment industry has quite changed. With the advent of the Internet it was initially thought that the recruitment companies would face a crisis. But it was also expected that the online platform will change the face of the recruitment industry for good. Marginal changes definitely took place but it was observed that the recruiters instead of competing with the new medium have started using it as one of their platforms to serve their clients better.

The advent of the online medium made it easier for the recruiters to search candidates and register them. This in a way made the recruiting agencies more popular as at the same time they were able to reach out to a huge number of candidates. During the time of recession, a trend to shift to online recruitment has been marked. Many professionals who initially joined companies as recruiters shifted to start working individually or in small groups in order to maximize their profit. During the recession period the employers were also aware about minimizing their costs and they were looking for alternative routes to seek suitable candidates for specific posts. During this period, many of them found the online portals to be good alternative than hiring recruiters to search candidates.

The printing media will continue to publish advertisements of job vacancies and their respective requirements. There are numerous job seekers who look up this medium for finding the most suitable job post. But compared to printed ads the online job advertising has gained much popularity over the years among job seekers. Many companies have also started maintaining their own in-house system to look up for candidates online instead of assigning the task to any agency.

Campus recruitment has also become one of the popular arenas to find the suitable talent. Employers initiate different job fairs and campus recruitments in order to meet the very fresh talents who would be also looking forward a suitable job position and a reputed employer. Though online portals have become quite popular among job seekers as well as employers to find suitable jobs and suitable talents respectively yet in a way this procedure has increased the gap between an employer and a job seeker.

The use of online job portals has definitely changed the scenario of the recruitment industry as it has become an intrinsic part of the industry. Different technological inventions like applicant tracking system, job listing and resume database etc have contributed to improvement of the recruitment procedures. Online portals have also aided the job seekers to search through a huge number of probable jobs without even visiting a recruiter or individual employer. But it has been also observed that students especially the fresh graduates are seeking personal attention which is lacking in the online job portals. The electronic medium can be good support to the recruitment industry but this can not provide personalized attention or initiate any human interaction. Whereas candidates approaching recruiters and recruitment consultants are able to interact with them, specify their requirements and this entire process is very much necessary in the initial stage of job seeking.

Signing off,
Harjeet Singh Sandhu

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Human Resources - An Introduction

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for taking time out to take a tour of Conscript’s Company Website and for reading my article.


In my entire career span of 16 years, I have worked closely with some of the Best HR Heads and Managers who’ve always been ahead in their game to hire that “perfect” resource required for their organization’s growth and development.

It’s been amazing to see how the Work Processes, Tools, Hiring Strategies and Technologies have enhanced and changed over the years and it still amazes me.

However, what remains at the core of all these mind-boggling processes is the fact that we are infact, hiring, Human Resources.

And Humans, by their very definition, are complex thinking beings designed to make all things bright and beautiful.


I am not going to give you dictionary-filled definitions of what Human Resources means however simply going to take you through my understanding of HR and what goes beyond hiring that Perfect Candidate for the Perfect Job.


The HR team in any organization has, is and maybe always will be considered to be “Expense-creators” for the mere fact that there is no direct way of Revenue Generation essentially required to run an organization.

But, the fact always remains the Human Resources Team IS the back-bone of any Strong Functioning Organization.

We may have the latest technology and streamlined processes that makes work error-free however what we must acknowledge more importantly is that Hiring can be pretty subjective to a lot of factors.

The most common mistake made by hiring managers currently is trying to hire the “perfect CV”.

Well, nothing wrong in that, after all requisites like Qualification, Relevant Work Experience and Excellent References are important to decide hiring the Right Candidate.

However, what we overlook, more often than not, is to understand the Emotional Quotient of the Candidate.

Their Personality Trait, Preferences, Relationship with Family and Friends is equally important to understand especially if you are hiring them for a critical, high-pressure role.

I can tell that from experience because we at Conscript believe that we help Clients hire “the perfect candidate” and not the perfect CV and that is what has helped us build a great relationship with our Clients close to a decade now.

I hope this helps you too!


Signing off,

Harjeet Singh Sandhu

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fresh Look

We would soon be launching our freshly designed website. Its been great to have all the suggestions and feedback from people. We look forward to seeing more positive and fruitful achievements with out new web presence.