Friday, March 9, 2012

Conscript Salutes Every Recruiter on the Recruiter Day

Recruitment Industry in India is a growing and dynamic area which is yet to be given the importance it deserves. With Industrial Psychology and HR growing as academic subjects, recruiters are now one of the most qualified and sought after individuals. However, this wasn't so always. Recruitment was always done by those who ran the company in a haphazard manner, or it was done by managers who had little knowledge about Psychology and HR practices.

However, in the last couple of decades, recruitment has grown into one of the most lucrative professionals and there are companies that work solely towards helping other companies to recruit staff. Thus, staffing agencies are growing by leaps and bounds, there is no dearth of individuals who can help a company to acquire staff that it so requires.

There wasn't really a day that could be assigned to celebrate the cause of recruitment and there wasn't a particular day where recruiters could be celebrated as individuals with special importance to companies and individuals. A group of senior professionals met a decade ago in 2002, and decided that there ought to be an umbrella organization that oversees the activities and developments of the Indian recruitment industry.

With outsourcing and offshoring both getting increasing importance and demand both within the country and abroad, there really was a need for an organization that could bring together all the recruiters and also create an association that would represent the interests of staffing and selection firms. Executive Recruiters Association is a non-profit organization that was born as a result of those senior recruitment professionals who came together. ERA has more than 8 chapters and hundreds of members all over India. March 9th is celebrated as the Indian Recruiter's Day.

On Indian Recruiters’ Day, professionals’ efforts are recognized, acknowledged and appreciated. On this day, companies recognize the importance that recruiters have, and also discuss the impact of recruiters' decisions, choices and opinions. Their interests, lifestyle choices and related activities are discussed and celebrated. At Conscript, we realize the importance of these professionals and how they need to be respected and admired for their steadfastness.

Recruiting is no longer a grey-haired man's job that involves elimination and that causes much anxiety to prospective employees. It is a glamorous job that helps in bringing the youngest and the most charming to a company. On this day, we acknowledge the efforts of recruiters all over India and the world for helping achievers to become part of various companies and render their services. We also wish future recruiters and staffing professionals success and welcome them to this elite profession, where selection is more important than elimination.

On this day, we encourage other professionals to shed the idea that recruiters are those who eliminate individuals at selection processes. Instead, we request everyone to acknowledge that recruiters and staffing professionals are key players who help in selection and welcoming processes in every company that is registered. We also encourage every individual to congratulate their friends, colleagues and loved ones who may be recruiters themselves.


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